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June 28, 2014

4th of July Weekend – 2014

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Western Snowy Plovers
There will be a beach closure during the 2014 4th of July holiday weekend for the protection of the threatened western snowy plover. In 2013, there were eleven plover chicks at the beginning of the holiday weekend; three survived to Monday. Plovers can be impacted in a number of ways by heavy human activity in their habitat, including increased flushing caused by humans or pets, and by activities that draw corvids (ravens, crows, and jays) to the beach, such as poor food management. The closure will extend from Abbotts Lagoon south to the North Beach parking area.

May 1, 2012

Soaking in sunshine and sipping wine

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    After a quick month or so of all the rain we got all winter – most of March, beginning of April – the more recent weekends have seen many a happy hotel guest enjoying long, adventure filled days of spring sunshine followed by lounging out back here at the lodge in the Adirondacks, reading, sipping wine and soaking up the serenity of the Olema Creek flowing on through as the sun sets over the Inverness Ridge.

     Seems there isn’t a better time to be out in the area, weekdays even, when the crowds are down.  The northerly migration of whales have been coming by out at Chimney Rock, and at the lighthouse, hugging close to the shore with newborns in tow – truly a sight to behold.  Wildflowers are in abundance throughout the park in every color of the rainbow, simply a stunning display this year considering how little winter rain we got overall.  Hiking trails are in great shape, beaches pristine, and the Farmhouse Restaurant here on the property is enjoying a wonderful bounty from many a local ranch, farmstead and fish purveyor – per usual!

     So head on up the coast – or down – and check us out in Olema for a sound sleep and hearty breakfast in the morning before heading out to see what the park has in store.  We’ll toss a log or two on the fire for you in the evening, Scrabble provided no extra charge, and serve the coffee up hot and strong when you awake!

June 25, 2011

Summer on the Bay

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          Have covered lots of ground of late hiking the local trail system in the National Park, so decided yesterday to celebrate the arrival of summer by taking to the water for a fresh natural perspective.  Embarked on a kayak paddling tour with a couple of friends, putting in on the beach just out in front of the Tomales Bay Resort (our sister property) and headed up toward Marshall, soaking in the morning sun and the spectacular views in all directions.

          Tomales Bay is a scenic coastal inlet, well-protected by the Point Reyes Peninsula, and if you can get out on a morning paddle the waters are often supremely calm this time of year, and the setting serene.  There are several deserted beaches to choose from for a snack spot so we pulled up onto one for the late morning high-energy repast and some Vitamin-D rays!

          Saw an osprey overhead, just after lunch, doing its fish-eagle thing which is always mesmerizing to witness.  Several bat rays snaked beneath the boats along the way and a small leopard shark stayed with us for a minute or two as well.  All the while we kept a keen scope on a herd of Tule Elk through the binoculars, quietly grazing in the hills off the west shore of Tomales Bay just north of Inverness. 

          After pulling out back at the Resort we headed off to Hog Island Oyster Company for a couple dozen of our finest local delicacy, along with a bucket of beer to wash ‘em all down!  And who said this wasn’t pure paradise out here in wonderful West Marin?!

Jeff – Front Desk /PRSL

May 31, 2011

Summertime yet?

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          Technically summer doesn’t begin until the 21st of June, although with Memorial Day weekend already come and gone it sure feels like summertime around here already!  Maybe we’ll call these the long, sunny days of late spring (with just a wee bit of rain sprinkled in) and simply enjoy each one as it comes, here in our little corner of paradise.

          Took a city friend on a lovely 10-mile loop out in the park today and didn’t see another soul.  Navigated around a couple of trailside banana slugs, and had an inquisitive young bobcat check us out for a split-second before darting into the underbrush, but not another person along our four-hour-plus journey. 

          Parked at Sky Trailhead just off Limantour Rd. and came across the ridge in the billowing mist, then took off for Coast Camp by way of Woodward Valley Trail, a classic Northern California mountains-meet-the-sea scenario.  The wind was up a bit along the water so we just tucked in behind the dunes at Sculptured Beach for a well-deserved and relaxing sand-free picnic lunch, waves ever-present, crashing in the background.

          Headed up Fire Lane Trail – always the ultimate quad-burner – and back up onto the ridge, and Sky Trail, to finish out the trek.  And then, who said Happy Hour had to be in a bar, right?  So we drove on down to Limantour Beach to catch the setting sun with a cool, celebratory, clean and crisp toast of some local Sauvignon Blanc in hand.  

          Guess we have to admit we don’t have it so bad, to live and work in and among the myriad wonders of West Marin, and the majestic beauty of the local landscape out here at Point Reyes National Seashore.  And summer has yet to arrive?!  Many more perfect days like these to be had in the coming months so come on out and take a look for yourself – plenty of pristine natural splendor to be experienced hereabout… so we’ll share!

April 14, 2011

Spring Definitely Sprung!

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          Northern California spring rains were unrelenting this year which can only mean the current and still oncoming wildflower season here in Point Reyes will be nothing short of spectacular!  Can attest after an early season trail walk yesterday in the forest of the National Park.

Hiked out to Alamere Falls from the Palomarin Trailhead and the cascades are running swiftly, stairstepping their way down to Wildcat Beach with a flourish.  Just an amazing display of natural beauty it all was!

          Lavender was bursting trailside throughout and Blue Ceanothus shrubs were in full bloom as well.  Lots of California Poppies everywhere you look with Lilac and Hartweg’s Iris mixed in too! 

          The summer crowds have yet to descend upon us here in West Marin so the mid-week hikes leave one in almost complete solitude on many a day-hike loop in the local park.  Saw maybe three or four folks down at the beach appreciating the sweeping falls and a couple of thru-hiking backcountry boys headed to Bolinas but that was it on a spectacular, ten-mile, sunny Wednesday afternoon jaunt.  Simply stunning!

February 17, 2011

Rain, rain – It’s OK!

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      The Northern California winter rains are having their way with us here again, although not like it hasn’t been expected!  Seems we had a couple of weeks of consecutive, cool sunny days and folks were flocking from all across the Bay Area to get in some coastal fun before this most recent, wet, wintry blast.  Many recent lodge guests got out to the lighthouse to catch the whales headed on by, or the elephant seals out at Chimney Rock doing their pupping thing. 

         Has actually been a busy season as a result of several, super, sun-filled weekends strung together, which was nice for all of us out here in West Marin, as well as our many visitors from near and far.  The crew at The Farmhouse Restaurant has been rockin’ it and many a hotel guest is returning from lunch or dinner raving about the culinary experience.  Keep up the good work over there guys!

         Well, just another month or so until Daylight Savings Time lengthens our daily outdoor playtime, and then spring is officially just around the corner too!  But why wait?  As always, nature abounds in this remote outpost we locals call home, and there’s no better time to get out and hike than just after a good rain storm which brings out the lush , green, forested environment of these parts just brilliantly!  The local creeks and are all swollen, and humming our favorite nature song, while the storied forest mists are rising, as if from so many little chimneys, up through the trees.   

         Hope to see you soon, walking a trail, strolling a Point Reyes Station sidewalk, or enjoying that first post-hike pint in the lounge over at the Farmhouse here on the property. 

                                                                                                                            Front Desk Crew – 2011

January 9, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

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     The first spate of heavy winter rains has passed as we move into the New Year out here in Olema. The creeks are running high and singing loudly – always the best music – while the morning dew of fall has become the meadow glazing frost of winter.
     Solstice has come and gone so the sun sets just a bit later with each passing day allowing plenty of time to get in step on many a backcountry hiking loop.  As well, the annual gray whale migration has arrived out in the National Seashore historical lighthouse area, while several elephant seals can be viewed daily at nearby Chimney Rock.  Both events certainly always worthy of a pilgramage out to the scenic Point Reyes coast!

October 13, 2010

Fall Some More

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     Mid-October already?  Wow!  Summer may have now faded off in the rearview mirror, though one wouldn’t know it by the incredible weather we’ve been having out here in Olema of late!

     Currently lots of young folks saying “I do!” up in these parts as we trip headlong into fall here at the Lodge.  So many collective memories, of the season now past stay with us, of course, moments spent by all of us with guests from nearby to far away. 

     Seems the reward here on the Front Desk is the time any one of us may have enjoyed while listening to folks’ stories of days well-spent beachcombing, or hiking the expansive forests of the next-door National Park, maybe wildlife encountered, or meals and music enjoyed out here in sleepy West Marin.  For those of us on the hospitality side of the equation, the return we hope to readily offer might be personal anecdotes or insight, local folklore, or adventure tales shared, new and old.

     So with Indian Summer now in full swing, the cool coastal fall weather right behind it, or the winter rains to follow, we say bring it on as it all simply enhances the mood of conversation, nostalgia and romance we hope to be all about here at the Point Reyes Seashore Lodge!

     Come on out and say Hello no matter the season.  We’re here to greet you and warmly so!

                                                                          Front Desk Crew – 2010

July 2, 2010


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          The Northern California spring rains have finally abated giving way to the much anticipated, long-awaited lazy days of summer here on the West Marin coast. Out here in Olema we are seeing vacationing tourists from all corners, as well as avid local enthusiasts of every endeavor.
          Seems these many seasonally splendid days, stacked endlessly upon one another of late, with nothing but clear skies and warm sunshine, lend themselves perfectly to getting outside and actively pursuing one’s fix for fun and frolic in the great outdoors. The road cyclists, mountain bikers, birders, hikers, kayakers, motorcyclists, beachcombers and stargazers are all here among us, in addition to the writers, readers and lovers of all things food, wine and nature… or just one another!
          Being new to the area, and as well to the hotel business, I can honestly say it has been an experience of learning, wonder and amazement being in the midst of the ever-changing eclectic mix of dynamic folks we see here at the lodge. Our wildlife watch board has several entries daily and guests seem to be enjoying myriad fulfilling experiences at local eateries, on the trail, the road, the water or even right out back here by the creek with a good book, sipping wine and soaking in the setting sun.
          So, whatever your adventurous summertime whimsy – come on out to the coast and visit us soon!

Jeff on the Front Desk

November 11, 2009


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As fall settles in and the hours of light grow shorter they also grow more precious.  The slant of the fall sun and the early rains give everything in the natural world a sparkle.  That slanted light makes me take a deep breath of comfort, breathing in the season.

This is one of my favorite times to hike in the park.  Hikes are necessarily shorter and more intense, just like the light. One of my favorite hikes for this time of the year is a loop starting at the Sky Trail parking lot off Limantour Road.

Start fairly early to use every moment of daylight.  Follow the trail going downhill parallel to the road.  Shortly cross the road and pick up the Bayview Trail.  This section of trail is a bit like walking in an enchanted forest with changing glimpses of Drake’s Bay.  The trail is lined with Bishop Pines that are exactly the same age, grown up after the Point Reyes fire.  The Bishop pine is a fire species whose cones only release seeds in the intense heat caused by a fire, although you can sometimes hear them popping open during a heat wave.

At the end of the Bayview trail, take Muddy Hollow Road, cross Limantour road and continue on the road past the youth hostel to Clem Miller Environmental Center.  This is a good place to stop and eat your lunch.  Be sure to bring some of those bitingly crisp fall apples to go with the red leaves of the poison oak thickets.

From the Environmental Center pick up the Laguna trail to take you back to your car.  This is another sweet trail, winding gently uphill through mixed forest and meadows with more glimpses of the ocean.  Let the hill slow your steps and savor all of the subtle fall colors, admire the late afternoon light, look for some early mushrooms, listen to the sound of your own breath, feel the mist or sun on your face.  This hike makes me feel deeply grateful for the intricate beauty of this land.

Linda, Front Desk Clerk

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