Point Reyes Seashore Lodge

October 13, 2010

Fall Some More

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     Mid-October already?  Wow!  Summer may have now faded off in the rearview mirror, though one wouldn’t know it by the incredible weather we’ve been having out here in Olema of late!

     Currently lots of young folks saying “I do!” up in these parts as we trip headlong into fall here at the Lodge.  So many collective memories, of the season now past stay with us, of course, moments spent by all of us with guests from nearby to far away. 

     Seems the reward here on the Front Desk is the time any one of us may have enjoyed while listening to folks’ stories of days well-spent beachcombing, or hiking the expansive forests of the next-door National Park, maybe wildlife encountered, or meals and music enjoyed out here in sleepy West Marin.  For those of us on the hospitality side of the equation, the return we hope to readily offer might be personal anecdotes or insight, local folklore, or adventure tales shared, new and old.

     So with Indian Summer now in full swing, the cool coastal fall weather right behind it, or the winter rains to follow, we say bring it on as it all simply enhances the mood of conversation, nostalgia and romance we hope to be all about here at the Point Reyes Seashore Lodge!

     Come on out and say Hello no matter the season.  We’re here to greet you and warmly so!

                                                                          Front Desk Crew – 2010