Point Reyes Seashore Lodge

February 17, 2011

Rain, rain – It’s OK!

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      The Northern California winter rains are having their way with us here again, although not like it hasn’t been expected!  Seems we had a couple of weeks of consecutive, cool sunny days and folks were flocking from all across the Bay Area to get in some coastal fun before this most recent, wet, wintry blast.  Many recent lodge guests got out to the lighthouse to catch the whales headed on by, or the elephant seals out at Chimney Rock doing their pupping thing. 

         Has actually been a busy season as a result of several, super, sun-filled weekends strung together, which was nice for all of us out here in West Marin, as well as our many visitors from near and far.  The crew at The Farmhouse Restaurant has been rockin’ it and many a hotel guest is returning from lunch or dinner raving about the culinary experience.  Keep up the good work over there guys!

         Well, just another month or so until Daylight Savings Time lengthens our daily outdoor playtime, and then spring is officially just around the corner too!  But why wait?  As always, nature abounds in this remote outpost we locals call home, and there’s no better time to get out and hike than just after a good rain storm which brings out the lush , green, forested environment of these parts just brilliantly!  The local creeks and are all swollen, and humming our favorite nature song, while the storied forest mists are rising, as if from so many little chimneys, up through the trees.   

         Hope to see you soon, walking a trail, strolling a Point Reyes Station sidewalk, or enjoying that first post-hike pint in the lounge over at the Farmhouse here on the property. 

                                                                                                                            Front Desk Crew – 2011