Point Reyes Seashore Lodge

May 31, 2011

Summertime yet?

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          Technically summer doesn’t begin until the 21st of June, although with Memorial Day weekend already come and gone it sure feels like summertime around here already!  Maybe we’ll call these the long, sunny days of late spring (with just a wee bit of rain sprinkled in) and simply enjoy each one as it comes, here in our little corner of paradise.

          Took a city friend on a lovely 10-mile loop out in the park today and didn’t see another soul.  Navigated around a couple of trailside banana slugs, and had an inquisitive young bobcat check us out for a split-second before darting into the underbrush, but not another person along our four-hour-plus journey. 

          Parked at Sky Trailhead just off Limantour Rd. and came across the ridge in the billowing mist, then took off for Coast Camp by way of Woodward Valley Trail, a classic Northern California mountains-meet-the-sea scenario.  The wind was up a bit along the water so we just tucked in behind the dunes at Sculptured Beach for a well-deserved and relaxing sand-free picnic lunch, waves ever-present, crashing in the background.

          Headed up Fire Lane Trail – always the ultimate quad-burner – and back up onto the ridge, and Sky Trail, to finish out the trek.  And then, who said Happy Hour had to be in a bar, right?  So we drove on down to Limantour Beach to catch the setting sun with a cool, celebratory, clean and crisp toast of some local Sauvignon Blanc in hand.  

          Guess we have to admit we don’t have it so bad, to live and work in and among the myriad wonders of West Marin, and the majestic beauty of the local landscape out here at Point Reyes National Seashore.  And summer has yet to arrive?!  Many more perfect days like these to be had in the coming months so come on out and take a look for yourself – plenty of pristine natural splendor to be experienced hereabout… so we’ll share!