Point Reyes Seashore Lodge

June 25, 2011

Summer on the Bay

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          Have covered lots of ground of late hiking the local trail system in the National Park, so decided yesterday to celebrate the arrival of summer by taking to the water for a fresh natural perspective.  Embarked on a kayak paddling tour with a couple of friends, putting in on the beach just out in front of the Tomales Bay Resort (our sister property) and headed up toward Marshall, soaking in the morning sun and the spectacular views in all directions.

          Tomales Bay is a scenic coastal inlet, well-protected by the Point Reyes Peninsula, and if you can get out on a morning paddle the waters are often supremely calm this time of year, and the setting serene.  There are several deserted beaches to choose from for a snack spot so we pulled up onto one for the late morning high-energy repast and some Vitamin-D rays!

          Saw an osprey overhead, just after lunch, doing its fish-eagle thing which is always mesmerizing to witness.  Several bat rays snaked beneath the boats along the way and a small leopard shark stayed with us for a minute or two as well.  All the while we kept a keen scope on a herd of Tule Elk through the binoculars, quietly grazing in the hills off the west shore of Tomales Bay just north of Inverness. 

          After pulling out back at the Resort we headed off to Hog Island Oyster Company for a couple dozen of our finest local delicacy, along with a bucket of beer to wash ‘em all down!  And who said this wasn’t pure paradise out here in wonderful West Marin?!

Jeff – Front Desk /PRSL